Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the global Carbon footprint by providing highly affordable, value-added, reliable renewable energy products for consumer, commercial and industrial usage. Our technology will greatly help in solving the global energy crises and power up under-served, under-developed and marginalized communities worldwide.

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$13.1BnInvested in
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Product & services

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed & marginalized communities facing energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Basic concept of our 

We offer green, alternative and renewable energy using state-of-the-art, ultra-high thermoelectric power generation systems. Our products are the result of market forces requiring solutions to the

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Relevance to the 

Food and shelter are basic human needs. Ospreywood Labs has developed products that enable people to cook their food and warm their houses as they usually do while simultaneously capturing

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Usage and 

Ospreywood Labs’ products work in tandem with any kind of cooking device including mud stoves, tandoors, barbeques, wood-burning ovens, and similar appliances regardless of their size, use, and

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Why Support Us

Energy means changing lives

Education, Safety, Women Empowerment and Mobile Commerce

In North America, we are privileged with unlimited access to energy, which is a fact that we often take for granted. Many are not aware of the challenges faced by those in energy-deprived regions of the world’s marginalized communities.

We cannot imagine living without power! We cannot even conceive performing our daily routine life without washing machines, dryers, electric/gas stoves, dishwashers etc.

What does electricity mean to 1.2 billion people living in marginalized communities? We believe that increased access to electricity will impact e lives by empowering communities, improving safety, and creating opportunities for education.


Electricity can enable young children to study, get more time to read, do their homework and learn. This learning will help us bolster literacy and change lives.


While cooking is a daily household chore, women can use energy to work in cottage industry, do some work which can earn them extra money. We are empowering women to make their own future.


Mobile Commerce and banking is most widely used in these regions. Having the ability to charge mobiles, run a small shops or learn about the crop prices from the closet market can help the community to be more efficient and prosperous.

Project-Light Up

Ospreywood Labs can engage micro-financing banks to empower communities

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About Us

Mission of the company

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed and marginalized communities facing energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.


Amir Bhatti

Amir combines 29 years of experience in aviation/aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, precision machining (commercial aircraft), thermal management solutions, and system designs. Thriving in leadership and senior-level roles with P&L responsibility, Amir has directed multi-faceted, cross-functional teams. He held various senior executive positions in North America before founding Ospreywood Labs.

He headed committees for the research in fundamental flight-tracking initiatives and flight data monitoring and analysis for International Telecommunications Union, a UN agency and ICAO. He is a Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada and has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. He is married with three children and resides in Toronto area.


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