About Us

How did it start?

In the summer of 2015 our founders, Amir Bhatti and Nadeem Farooq were sitting in a backyard over a BBQ introducing themselves as new neighbours. During their conversation, Amir discussed his previous work experience in mechanical engineering and technology that focused on heat transfer and thermoelectric power generation. He suggested that while this type of technology was currently used in the industrial sector there was a huge opportunity to bring it to domestic and consumer sectors as well as to communities in need.

A few days later with this conversation in his mind, Nadeem visited Asia where he conducted informal market research that confirmed the need for innovative power generation solutions in the communities he visited. Developing nations and rural areas where governments have limited power grid infrastructure for basic rural electrification, truly required a solution.

After Nadeem returned from Asia, he and Amir began their journey to further develop their ideas to address the crucial need for increased power generation in underdeveloped areas. Later, they combined their common passion for philanthropy, underserved communities, and their innovative idea to form Ospreywood Labs. With the support of family and friends, they soon established a working lab in their garage. Some months later and after numerous sleepless nights, they developed the first workable prototype that actually became the design for the project: LIGHT UP!

Mission of the company

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed and marginalized communities facing energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Our mile stones

Our mile stones