How Access to Electricity Change Lives

How Access to Electricity Change Lives

How Access to Electricity Change Lives

Most of us sigh and cuss at the occasional power cuts, while still enclosed in the safety and security of our homes. But are we aware that more than thousands out there have never been introduced to “life changing” thing that electricity is? Most of us are privileged enough. We have light in our homes when the sun sets outside, heated water and choices to entertain ourselves. But beyond the developed cities, various communities lie that are still struggling to have access to basic amenities like an electric bulb to light up when all around them is pitch dark and endless gloom. Their lives are by far, untouched by the blessing electricity is.


Many people living in the poorer communities in the remote areas lie blindfolded as the night comes. According to a recent statistics, nearly 53% of the population does not have access to electricity in Pakistan. Most of them are from the underprivileged remote areas that have long suffered in the losing battle of equitable distribution of resources in the country.


Electricity generation in Pakistan has been a highlighted issue that the nation is trying to overcome; and failing, for decades now. Without any successful attempts to eradicate the problem of power generation in Pakistan, no moves can be made to help in the poverty alleviation in the country.


How access to electricity can change lives? It can eradicate poverty; one community, one village at a time. With uninterrupted electrical supply, a village full of eager children can be educated and can look up to brighter future, in a brighter environment. With electricity generation, more pressing issues like women empowerment can be tended to. With electric power, generations of people in a small forgotten village, who have spent their whole lives lighting up kerosene lamps, and watched it in hopelessness as the small fire threatened to get put off by the wind…They can have a chance at a better life.


Ospreywood lab’s reaches out to the underprivileged communities that have spent their entire lives blindfolded; without access to electrical energy. Joining hands with Agha Khan Foundation in Pakistan, this company has launched various projects, including Project LIGHT-UP, which endeavors to provide innovative energy solutions and clean energy to many poor villages. The mission is to address the electricity crisis in Pakistan and provide means of renewable energy, reducing the global carbon footprint.


Electricity is a marvelous invention, and the entire global community should have access to it. It makes beautiful things happen and holds the capacity to turn over a nation’s fate overnight. The world is better when there is some light around, and everyone should be privileged enough to have it.

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