Project LIGHT_UP – Documentary

Project LIGHT_UP – Documentary

Project LIGHT_UP – Documentary

Imagine feeling your life darken before your eyes with the setting sun and watch the darkness embrace everything around you. Imagine finding your way around the gloom and cold. And then imagine accepting this as an ongoing lifestyle and your fate.

The remotest areas of many parts of Pakistan, including Chitral, had accepted this darkness as their fate. The residents of this cold and beautiful region had gotten used to the setting sun swallowing the light of their lives away, as night approached. While nature cannot be fought or reasoned with, human act and technology can still be.


By the Ospreywood Lab’s and unflagging support from Agha Khan Foundation, Project LIGHT-UP was initiated to restore the smiles of the people of Chitral that were lost in the darkness.  The energy crisis in Pakistan is the oldest issue that has tainted the lives of many people, particularly for the poor in the remotest areas of the country. It is an issue that has always demanded primary attention from the authorities yet always failed to do so. Because of the energy crisis, basic objectives like successful poverty alleviation in Pakistan took a backseat. There always has been an energy crisis in Pakistan, because of limited resources and lack of any innovative power generation solutions. Because of this locals have been deprived of basic amenities of life. The most neglected right has been the state of children education in Pakistan.

Project LIGHT-UP has stepped forward to make some lives better, bright yet greener. Aimed to provide free electricity generation utilizing renewable energy, the project’s team has recently visited Chitral and provided free 30 watts electricity units to the residents. A region that never had any access to electricity, the faces of the residents lightened up as they stared in wonder at the beautiful gifts they were provided. have a simple, peaceful dinner even.

Project LIGHT-UP utilized “cooking energy” to achieve this. The organization embarked on the use of renewable energy and innovative power generation solution to address the energy crisis in Pakistan.

The lights provided to the overjoyed residents are powered by the heat of their cooking stoves. Every resident has a cooking stove which the locals call “Bukhari” that is used for cooking and heating purposes. This is not only an innovative way to produce energy but it’s rather a clean energy too.

Renewable energy is not just ecologically better but is an effective way to counter the state of the energy crisis in Pakistan. With the issues of electricity crisis resolved in Pakistan, attempts can then be made to alleviate poverty and focus on pressing issues like education of children and women empowerment in Pakistan.

By following the footprints of Project LIGHT-UP’s innovative energy generation, the future of Pakistan can be brightened.

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