Product & services

Product & services

Our mission is to help under-served, under-developed & marginalized communities facing energy crisis with highly affordable, value-added, reliable, and quality renewable energy products.

Basic concept of our  product

We offer green, alternative and renewable energy using state-of-the-art, ultra-high thermoelectric power generation systems. Our products are the result of market forces requiring solutions to the energy crisis, for energy-deprived regions worldwide not only in the domestic sector, but also in the commercial and industrial sectors.
We combine engineering principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. We also invest in R&D, novelty, and innovation to reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprints worldwide.
Our standard product lines include units of various sizes and power wattages to suit stakeholder needs from 5 watts to 1 kilowatt depending upon the waste heat available in cooking cycles.

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Relevance to the  Masses

Food and shelter are basic human needs. Ospreywood Labs has developed products that enable people to cook their food and warm their houses as they usually do while simultaneously capturing electricity for other uses that was previously untapped. By re-channeling carbon emissions, electricity can be generated while also helping our planet stay green.

Usage and  solution

Ospreywood Labs’ products work in tandem with any kind of cooking device including mud stoves, tandoors, barbeques, wood-burning ovens, and similar appliances regardless of their size, use, and type of fuel consumed.
Our solution enables energy-deprived regions worldwide to capture electricity while operating their
cooking and heating equipment as usual.. No additional fuel is used to generate the supplemental
The fundamental idea is to generate additional electricity within uninterrupted cooking and house
warming processes.
Our products are simply designed and safe to use and geared towards “Health, Safety and Education”. Our strategic point of view is to empower women in developing nations to raise their family living standards.