CEO and Co-Founder

Amir Bhatti

Amir combines 29 years of experience in aviation/aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, precision machining (commercial aircraft), thermal management solutions, and system designs. Thriving in leadership and senior-level roles with P&L responsibility, Amir has directed multi-faceted, cross-functional teams. He held various senior executive positions in North America before founding Ospreywood Labs.

He headed committees for the research in fundamental flight-tracking initiatives and flight data monitoring and analysis for International Telecommunications Union, a UN agency and ICAO. He is a Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada and has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. He is married with three children and resides in Toronto area.

David A. Leis

David Leis is a senior executive with over 30 years in a wide variety of high tech industries including alternative energy, GPS tracking, wireless, corporate consulting, software, semiconductor, defense, and industrial power industries. David’s diverse experience spans government, non-profit, higher education, corporate consulting, manufacturing, several entrepreneurial start-ups, and a number of the Fortune 500 multinational industrial firms, which includes Corning, RCA, GE and Harris.

His senior management responsibilities which included the turn-around as second in command of a $150 million dollar semiconductor division, ranged from manufacturing, engineering, information technology, marketing, sales, and quality assurance to project management and organizational development. Earlier, David spent six years as an Army officer (Airborne, Ranger and Company Commander).

David has been cited for exceptional marketing, project management, strategic planning, leadership, sales, team building, engineering management, technology, and diversity background. He has deep experience in high tech new product development and commercialization including managing engineering, vendors, development contracts, suppliers and team members globally, including South Africa, China & the EU. He is known as a thought leader with published white papers on competitiveness and national energy security, discussed with and commended by governors, former members of President’s Cabinet, former presidential candidate.

David has a B.S. degree in Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and an M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. He has done graduate work toward an MBA at Syracuse University and a PhD in Business at Rutgers. David has also served on a number of Boards of Directors, currently one with a number of distinguished Americans and has been involved in activities supporting his local community and its special needs and handicapped citizens.

Captain Marcel Martineau

Captain Martineau is a graduate from the Royal Canadian Military College (RMC) in Mechanical Engineering and commissioned military officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has accumulated over 18,000 flying hours in the course of his 36 year career as a civil and military Pilot on a broad range of aircraft types including A319 / 320 / 330 / 340, B727 / 767, DC-8 / DC-9, L-1011 and military fighters. Before his retirement from active flying as a Senior Captain on Airbus 330 and 340 aircraft, he held a number of Operations Management positions including Manager Flight Operations Fuel Programs, Chairman of the Corporate Fuel Committee, Technical Advisor – Cost Index Optimization at Air Canada. Marcel was also a member of Corporate Operational Analysis Group, Flight Dispatch Liaison and Flight Supervisor and Standards (A319, A320). He has consulted with IATA for 8 years and has been a senior team member of the Fuel Efficiency Evaluation team having completed at over 50 airlines worldwide. He has worked closely with IATA developing documents and has been a major contributor in developing and writing of the Industry Best Demonstrated Practices Manual in fuel management. He authored IATA’s three-day training course on Fuel Efficiency and Conservation Training. To date over 18 courses have been delivered to the international airline community. Captain Martineau has participated to numerous ICAO committees and spent 20 years working for the Canadian Pilot Association in both the industrial and technical fields. He was an accredited accident investigator for the Pilot Association, Chairman of the Flight Data Analysis Committee (FOQA) and has participated in several incident and accident investigations at Air Canada.

Technical Advisor

Kerry Smith

He has 40+ years of experience in broadcast and entertainment electronics companies including Image Video, Videoquip Research, Leitch Video, Imax Corporation and Simex-Iwerks. He was involved in Windows Desktop software development for a video capture system for HD video collection for
corporate, financial and government applications featuring direct upload to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for corporate
product rollouts.

Kerry Studied Electronics Engineering Technology and later Computer Science courses at York University. He’s been lecturing with the Electronics and Computer Engineering faculties of Seneca College, Humber College and Centennial College. Prior to joining Thermal Electronics Corp., he developed,
designed, and manufactured the Beta test series of medical interface devices for INHT, an all-digital microcontroller based bio intolerance elimination package.